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Green Funeral Plans

Green Funeral Plans

As concerns about the environment loom larger in our daily lives, more and more people are choosing ecologically conscious funerals. These particular funeral services use natural, biodegradable coffins that have a minimal impact on the environment - whether cremated or buried. Many clients decide to take their green funeral a step further too, and opt to leave a natural memorial, plant a tree or donate to conservation projects.

Pre-planning your green funeral today can take away the financial and emotional burden from your family at the moment when they are least able to cope.

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Making the arrangements in advance means you’re guaranteed the funeral you’d like and, more importantly, your loved ones are spared the additional distress of organising it and paying for the funeral director’s services. 

A.W.Lymn and Golden Leaves working together with Greener Goodbyes have combined to create the UK’s ultimate “Green” Pre Paid Funeral Plan package. With a financial structure and investment vehicle that is green to the core - with the funds held securely within an independently managed Green Trust - our new plan now includes additional options for eco coffins, carbon rebalancing, woodland conservation and rain forest protection, as well as charitable ecological projects that will provide a community legacy for future generations to come. 

Greener Goodbyes is the only funeral package to be endorsed by Greenpeace.

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